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Get the latest and working FarmVille 2 Cheating Tool.
Here we provide it for free!

This App have the following features:

  • Coin Adder
  • FarmBucks Adder
  • XP Adder
  • Feed / Water / Fertilizer Adder

It is really simple to use.
Just 4 Steps:

  1. Enter your Facebook eMail
  2. Select your Browser
  3. Enter the amount of the resource
  4. Click on “Add now”

We recommend that you tick the option: “Use Proxies”. With that option selected, the hack is getting the resources direclty via a Proxy connection.
When you press the button “Add now” the Tool is starting to get the stuff you entered for you.

If you are scared that your account get banned you are wrong. We have integrated “Anti Ban Options”. Where you can choose how safe the application should work between 1 (very safe but slow) and 5(very fast but not so safe).

On the other options tab you can give the tool the option that it create a “fake” account on facebook to be your neighbor ingame and give you gifts everyday and also help you with tasks.

The application gets updated every one or two weeks. So if there is a prompt saying it is updating you should just wait some seconds or minutes. When the updater is not working try running the application as administrator. This should fix the issue.

We wish you happy cheating with this awesome app.

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About Farmville 2
It is a browsergame from the publisher and developer Zynga. The main goal in the game is to get a big grange. There are two versions on this product available in the internet. The first version of the game is the name of the game without the two. It was very popular in the social network facebook. Nearly all players play this game in this social network although it is possible to play it directly via the publishers homepage. It was released in the 19th July 2009. Already on the beginning of september the game had more than 35 million users per month and was recognized as the most liked facebook application. In the february 2010 it was already more than 80 million users and in june there were 70 million active players. There are two different currencies. The first one cost no real money but the second one does. Thinking about it you can do much more with the bucks because you can just simply skip the quests and earn well designed art objects for your barnyard.

Cultivation and Harvest
At the beginning very player will start with an area which is 12×12 fields big. On this field you can start decorating your barnyard with trees or with facilities. If you earned the more than enough coins you can expand your 12×12 field and have more space for your plants and such. It does differ from plant to plant how long it takes that you can harvest them. The ranges are from 2 hours to 4 days. If you don’t harvest them in the right time the crop will rot. But if you do it right you can sell it for coins and buy seeds, animals or houses for your grange.

About trees and animals
It can be decoration but also a soruce of income. Once planted they give you everyday fruits that can be reaped when you have time for it. Fruits from the trees don’t get overriped which is an clear advantage of having trees in your grange.
Animals can also be a stream of revenue. Hence they don’t have to be feed but also give you some output like an egg for example of a chicken. But when you feed them they will give you faster an revenue.

You need a special amount of Neighbor to increase the size of your ranch. To increase it by 26×26 you need 35 neighbors as an alternative you can pay by coins. If you have enough cash you can also increase your ranch size with that. In the second version of the game your neighbors can visit your area and help you with tasks but also get paid by bale of straw.

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